Meet the Speakers

Here you can find all the details for the experts that will be speaking at the Children’s Mental Health Matters Summit 2023.


Beckie Shuttleworth - Founder of Bhumi Yoga & Bhumi Kids

Supporting Children in Developing Skills of Emotional Resilience

Monday 20th March 9:30am GMT

Beckie is the founder of Bhumi Yoga and Bhumi Kids where she supports families and educational settings in her role as a Children’s Well-being Mentor. 

She is also a Reiki Master, EFT for kids practitioner, author and speaker. 

Through her holistic well-being programme ‘SHINE Brightly’ and her online Wellbeing Hub for Young People, Beckie supports children to grow up knowing how to be kind to themselves, true to themselves and aware of their potential for impact in the world, so that they feel inspired to SHINE Brightly and live as their most authentic and joyful selves. 

Cassie Swift - Founder of CMHM Summit; Eating Disorder and Self Harm Specialist

Let’s stop sugar coating self-harm

Monday 20th March 11:00am GMT

Cassie is a single Mummy to three young, beautiful, caring and mischievous girls. She is also a Children’s and teens life coach, children’s mental health advocate and the founder and organiser of the Children’s Mental Health Matters Summit. As a child herself, Cassie experienced bullying throughout her entire school life and due to this, she obviously didn’t enjoy school. Cassie wishes that there had been a Children’s Life Coach available for her to have turned to, because as a result, over the years her mental health deteriorated. This is not something anyone would wish for a child and no child deserves to feel this way or experience what she went through.


“Helping others, especially children, is my passion. As a Children’s Life Coach, I want to provide support to as many children as I possibly can! My aim is to help children become leaders of their own lives and to embrace both their uniqueness and differences and never let them get lost or suppressed. All children deserve to be happy and have a love for life.” 

JoJo & Tim Ellis - Co-founders the Mind Body Confidence Kickstart

The next time you update your to do list, put yourself at the top

Monday 20th March 12:30pm GMT

Jo is a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP and a mentor and coach to busy women who want to thrive, mind, body and soul. Tim Ellis is a plant-powered chef and certified nutritionist. Together they co-founded the Mind Body Confidence Kickstart, a powerful programme to help you rediscover your mojo, so you feel like you again, more in control of your life and happiness.


Jo and Tim live in Andalucía in Southern Spain with their four fur babies, where they eat delicious food, run their online businesses and host personal retreats where their guests can find a sanctuary in the mountain air.

Lucy Harper - Nutritional Matters

Supporting Mental Health through Nutrition

Monday 20th March 2:00pm GMT

Lucy lived, worked and travelled abroad extensively prior to a change in direction and studying for a masters in Nutritional Therapist at Worcester University. Having seen first-hand the amazing effect that changing diet can have on children’s mental health she is passionate about supporting clients to find the root cause of their dis-ease. Lucy’s paper on ‘An exploration into the motivation for gluten avoidance in the absence of coeliac disease’ was published in 2018.  Lucy runs her clinic in Bristol, is accredited as a Chronic Fatigue, ME, and Fibromyalgia Specialist with the Chrysalis Effect and a Trauma Informed Wellbeing Coach.


Dr Wuroud Abuomar

Anxiety and depression in children

Tuesday 21st March 9:30am GMT

Wuroud is a GP who is extremely interested in children’s mental health. She has just started her social media journey in order to make videos that target young people, 12-22 years old, to help inspire and motivate them and build their resilience.


Suzy Cashman - SynergyBySuzy

Sparking Joy Together

Tuesday 21st March 11:00am GMT

I created SynergyBySuzy in 2020 to help support those facing difficulties and big life transitions – to find the courage to rise, speak up and cultivate a life they love by ‘sparking their joy’.  I work on a deeply spiritual level, creatively helping people achieve sustainable and effective change to achieve their goals, bringing a more connected, calm and fulfilling life. I teach and coach through a fun, unique & proven framework that naturally increases your confidence, energy and resilience.  


I’m hugely passionate about supporting our future generations and their families with their mental health and relationships. And as a single parent and co-parent of 3 I understand the challenges facing parents today. I work with families together and/or children on educating them about how the mind works, emotional resilience, energy, focus and creativity.  We learn together and then we work together- applying the knowledge in real life situations so that you can blossom as your true self in a noisy and distracting world to lead the most fulfilling and connected life. 

Jenna Beadle - Jenna Beadle Coaching

Can you have a toxic relationship with yourself and be a "good mum?"

Tuesday 21st March 12:30pm GMT

I’m Jenna and I’m an empowerment coach. My background is as a social worker and for the last 10 years I have been in toxic relationships, which stems from the relationship I had with my father, which in turn, caused me to feel abandoned and rejected and entered into a number of relationships who abused these beliefs I had about myself. I chose these relationships as I wanted someone to love me, and chose me. It was only when my mum said to me, “how long are you going to keep putting yourself through this before you decide you deserve more and make a change as it needs to come from you?” that I realised what I was doing. I had been repeating the same cycle as my mum without even knowing it, as this was normal to me. So I made the decision one day that I wanted more, I wanted a loving relationship, I wanted to have children with someone who wanted to be a dad and a good dad at that, even if we were not together he would be there for my children. This was when my life started to turn for the better, as I was willing to put the work in, I was willing to go where I was hiding from… MYSELF!


I decided to set up my coaching business to break the cycle for our children, as having been that child myself, along with my years as a social worker and witnessing that unconsciously we were passing our own self-beliefs and negative cycles on to our children, I realised that we need to break this cycle. This was when I really had a kick up the bum and decided I need to do some self-development not only for me but for them. I don’t want them to believe life is hard or a struggle.

Kate Smith - Therapeeze

Viewing Anxiety through a Sensory Lens

Tuesday 21st March 2:00pm GMT

Hey, I’m Kate, I’m a Sensory, Bonding and Connection specialist, working for over 16 years with children and adolescents. I use a foundational approach to achieve regulation throughout the home environment, specialising in families of children who experience sensory processing difficulties. I use a foundational approach to enhance the families’ mind-body connections through understanding behaviours and provide opportunities for re-connection, refocus and rebalancing family life. I currently provide specialist consultancy across the UK and offer online products internationally.


Kelly McKain - Children's Author and Breathwork Facilitator

How to be confident, self-responsible warriors for children's emotional wellbeing (while the world catches up)

Wednesday 22nd March 9:30am GMT

Kelly McKain is the best-selling author of more than 60 children’s fiction titles. She’s thrilled that the first book in her new series, The Feeling Good Club, is out now! Three friends create the Feeling Good Club to help them understand their feelings, face their fears and worries and practise some awesome mindfulness activities. Kelly also runs Soulsparks, an online platform for breathwork, energy healing, intuitive guidance and creative mentorship, and the free Soulsparks Facebook group – all to help you ignite your soul connection!

Nicole Bateman - A Box Full of Joy

My Child has exams... now what?

Wednesday 22nd March 11:00am GMT

Nicole Bateman, mum of two, best-selling author and owner of A Box Full of Joy is on a mission to ensure that all young people know that their worth is not defined by their exam results. Through her mentoring and resources she encourages and empowers young people to process their worries, know their true value and grow in confidence. She supports young people and parents navigate the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that exam years often bring.

Emma Nottage - The Musical Diamond

How Music Can Support Mental Health & Build Confidence

Wednesday 22nd March 12:30pm GMT

Emma is a highly-rated motivational speaker with twenty-one years experience as a primary school teacher and private music tutor. In 2020 she reinvented herself and now teaches music to global students online. In 2021 she became a best-selling collaborative author contributing a chapter all about resilience in life and business and is writing a book about music and wellbeing. In 2021 she certified as an NLP/Timeline/Life Coach and is accredited through the APC (The Association For Professional Coaching). Emma has a passion for promoting music’s true value in education and society.

Nicola Reekie - Founder of The PDA Space

Why Traditional Parenting Styles Don’t Work

Wednesday 22nd March 2:00pm GMT

Learning about Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), was the catalyst of change for Nicola and her family. Knowing that the control and the demands of the Traditional Parenting just caused a power struggle and massive conflicts, she continued her research on a PDA approach to parenting. 


Breaking away from what she “should” be doing, and being the parent that her PDA child needed. The result was a calmer household. Nicola’s mission is to support parents and families by hosting monthly workshops and webinars to support parents through The PDA Space Portal as well as running The World’s largest PDA Summit.


Jessyka Coulter - Ace Cookie Tutoring & Study with Jessy

THIS is the Year Your Teen Learns How to Study

Wednesday 22nd March 3:30pm GMT

Jessyka Coulter is the CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring & Study with Jessy. Her company offers study and executive function tutoring and coaching through her study program, Love to Learn, because she knows schools offer a one-size fits all curriculum that doesn’t meet every student’s personal learning needs. When students know how to learn, they love to learn.


While knowing how to learn is the most important skill Jessyka teaches teens, she also offers private tutoring for content-related needs including ACT prep (all sections), proofreading high school and college papers, essay writing, and middle school core subjects including math (prealgebra and algebra).


Kertrina Gearing - SEN Parent Support Coach

Creating your toolbox to support your child's mental health and wellbeing

Thursday 23rd March 9:30am GMT

Autism & ADHD Parent Support UK, created by parents for parents. We aim to provide parents with the skills, knowledge and support to feel equipped and empowered in caring for their children, Whilst feeling supported and cared for themselves too.

Fleur Conway - Buteyko Method & Oxygen Advantage Breathing Instructor

Reducing Anxiety by Optimising Breathing

Thursday 23rd March 11:00am GMT

My name is Fleur Conway. My passion and what has become my mission in life right now is to help as many people as possible improve their breathing, and especially parents and children understand the importance of optimal breathing for optimal sleep, mind & body development as well as adequate management of stress.


I have trained as a breathing educator & instructor certified in Oxygen Advantage and The Buteyko Method, both focused on optimising breathing and changing bad breathing patterns… Low-Pressure Fitness ( breath work, posture re-education, hypopressive exercises, neurodynamic and myofascial release exercises) having gained much knowledge on pelvic floor health by attending many specialised workshops and courses.


I am currently continuing my education on ‘Menopause’ through Burrell Education. I also work as an Emotional Life Coach, and Bach Flower therapist, which integrates nicely into the work I do. I am a mother, daughter, sister, and wife… extremely in touch with nature and animals, and happy to be of help to others! I have co-authored a parents’ manual for the wellbeing of children, as well as a story for children on breathing and yoga exercises.

Clare Ford - SwitchedON!

How your child can get the grades they want with less stress

Thursday 23rd March 12:30pm GMT

In 2020 Claire founded “SwitchedON!” the global online academy, to support parents everywhere who were educating their children at home.  Her Facebook community, the Home Education Hub, has gone from strength to strength, supporting a global family of over 1.9K members with a huge range of free resources, trainings and experts.  During the summer of 2020, Clare collaborated with children from around the world on their book, “Lollipops and Rainbows – Teaching Literacy with Soul”.


Clare now works with aspirational families, helping kids and teens raise their emotional literacy as well as their writing levels.  It is her mission to provide every young person she meets with the tools and techniques they need to become fully expressed, with her bespoke programs such as the Complete Writing Course for Kids and a personal development course for teens – “Discovering Your Path”.


Candy Fung - Kids Life Coach

It's OK to ask for help

Thursday 23rd March 2:00pm GMT

Candy’s life changed when she discovered a children’s life coach for her son. She worked on her own self-development and is today nurturing minds as a happy and successful international kids’ life coach. She is a Brand Ambassador for The Kids Life Studio. Candy is passionate about children’s mental health. She believes ‘prevention is better than cure’ and that it is OK to ask for help.


Sam Rawlings - Children's Creative Counsellor

Looking at Creative Therapy

Friday 24th March 9:30am GMT

I’m Sam, the proud owner of SR Counselling. I have two daughters and three grandchildren. I enjoy walking, mindfulness, and aromatherapy. I am a member of my local choir; music is my passion. I became a published author in 2022.


I support children from six years old and upwards with varying concerns around anxiety and stress. Every family is treated with the utmost respect and integrity. I offer an alternative approach to talking therapy. Creative and fun activities help the child to feel they can trust and share any difficulties and worries. I believe helping early will reduce long-term mental health effects.

Tony Gordon - Empowerment Coach

Why some children don't talk

Friday 24th March 11:00am GMT

A growth mindset coach and hypnotherapist with over of 25 years coaching experience who educates clients with new resources and tools empowering them to take back control of their lives.

Jo Picken- Director at Edu Calm

Barriers to Education: Building Young People's Self Esteem

Friday 24th March 12:30pm GMT

Jo Picken is The Holistic Business Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Mentor and Confidence Coach – she loves nothing more than to see people shine brightly and brimming with confidence. As of 2022, Jo is a Master Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer of Trainers (EFT / Tapping) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Angelic Reiki Master / Teacher – But before this, she worked in education, as a teacher, for 20 years.


Her first experience with EFT & NLP happened when her life suddenly changed, and she struggled to overcome the issues this change had caused. To help herself recover Jo delved deep into both modalities and went on to learn and qualify in the techniques that helped her on the road to emotional recovery. Now her passion is supporting well-being practitioners & therapists (mainly mums) to develop their businesses’ foundations, shine on social media and grow in confidence to reach their goals!

Emma Last - Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategist

Leave a little legacy - it might just help you to live longer

Friday 24th March 2:00pm GMT

Emma Last is a Mental Wellbeing Strategist and mum of 3, who talks openly about her burnout after her 19-year leadership career.  She supports workplaces, schools and individuals to implement effective strategies through training, talks, coaching and holistic therapies.  Three of Progressive Minds Programmes are quality assured by the Department for Education and they were a finalist in the BIBA’s education establishment of the year in 2022. 

Emma has co-written the First Aid Industry Body’s accredited courses for both adults and those working with children and young people. She is a twice no.1 best-selling author on Amazon.

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Julie Ferris & Karen Goodson

How a new paradigm of education can benefit the mental health of your child

Monday 27th March 9:30am GMT

Julie Ferris and Karen Goodson are intuitive ascension guides who aim to tackle the increase in mental health issues in uniquely gifted people, often labelled as neurodivergent or simply different. Their channelled resources support soul alignment, spiritual awakening and the reclamation of individual sovereignty. Channelled quantum parenting and ascension tools are becoming increasingly available to help parents of star children connect with each other more deeply, enabling them to reveal their unique gifts and talents thus thriving and not just surviving in this complex world.

Julie and Karen share many life experiences, including parenting their own highly sensitive, uniquely gifted, neurodivergent children, both having worked as teachers, counsellors and therapists, holding mental health, safeguarding and child protection roles for many years.

Julie offers a free discovery call to explore how she may support you and your family with quantum parenting. –

Karen offers a free discovery call to healers and therapists who are interested in opening themselves up to quantum tools and resources. –

Lucy Fenwick - NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Seeing the importance in finding those happy moments in everyday

Monday 27th March 11:00am GMT

Lucy was a Primary School teacher for over 25 years. She had two wonderful children; and decided to retrain as a Forest School Teacher when they started school.  She observed a growing number of children being affected by stress, worry and fear and realised that she herself was going through similar things. After working on her own mindset, learning the tools of NLP, she became a practitioner and realised the power of hypnotherapy to embed the learnings and bypass the resistance that can occur. 

Lucy’s aim is to help as many children embrace their childhood and learn tools that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Kari Roberts - Specialist Parenting Coach

Start with You and Things Fall into Place

Monday 27th March 12:30pm GMT

Kari is a Transformational Specialist Parent Coach. She builds parents’ confidence to parent in the way that works for them and their children,  With over 15 years of professional and 37 years of personal experience as a mum to three and grandmother to 10, she knows what children need is for the adults around them to scaffold children to be secure in themselves, emotionally strong and mentally healthy. Start with you and things fall into place! 

Charlotte Lewington - Fairy Godmother of Transformation for childhood trauma survivors

Supporting you and your child through your mental health journey

Monday 27th March 2:00pm GMT

Charlotte Lewington is the Fairy Godmother of transformation– on a mission to support childhood trauma survivors. Charlotte believes in reigniting the magic within us. Sharing the tools and science that helped her rebuild her life so others can hold onto their magic, creating a life they love, whatever life throws at them.


Hannah Pekary - Parent & Teen Coach

Parents, you have the power

Tuesday 28th March 9:30am GMT

Hannah Pekary is a Parent & Teen Coach, supporting parents and their families to create healthy relationships, habits and build strong identities in themselves. Hannah supports Teens and their parents to:

· Find their identities again

· Have healthy relationships

· Learn how to love themselves

· Achieve at their education goals

· Grow in confidence

As an experienced Teen coach and tutor, Hannah has a desire to see teenagers overcome anxiety and approach their schoolwork with poise and grace. She also has fifteen years’ experience as a professional dancer and dance teacher, transforming her students from shy wallflowers to joyful, confident stage performers. Whomever she works with, her students and clients appreciate her gentle approach, insightful truths, and simple wisdom.

Hannah further helps parents to create businesses that allow them to leave the 9-5, and create the desired life they want around their family. Hannah’s coaching helps entrepreneurs to create healthy relationships in their businesses and personal lives. She specializes in equipping her clients with valuable new money mindsets, empowering beliefs, and shifting their paradigms to create healthy habits that assist them as they re-discover their true identities.

Hannah is an alumni coach of the fully accredited Aligned Coaching Academy (ACA MInstLM). Hannah is a qualified teacher, and has over twenty years of hands-on experience in nannying for families, tutoring teens, and coming alongside busy mums to incorporate both joy and freedom in their businesses and their families.

Hannah lives on the Welsh coastline and loves to take unwinding walks with her dog, breathing in the salty air. She is also an accomplished cook and baker and loves to spend time with her family. Hannah currently has spots open for 1:1 Business Coaching, Parenting and Teen Coaching, and is working on a full array of related Courses, Masterclasses, and Programs.

Ashleigh Quick

Connect with Ashleigh

Ashleigh Quick - Cancer Expert and Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioner

Children and Cancer

Tuesday 28th March 11:00am GMT

Ashleigh qualified as a nurse in 1996, she went on to study for a Degree and Masters in Oncology and Palliative Care. She works as a Chemotherapy Nurse Specialist and has over 27 years experience. Ashleigh is passionate about helping others, she has a personal path to offer support to cancer patients and their families, She offers a different yet powerful approach to managing all aspects of cancer, its treatments, and unwanted side effects, boosting body confidence by offering a natural approach. Seeing the difficulties parents face has led to her forming her own path to help others on a more personal level. She also assists families with the difficult task of talking to their children regarding life-limiting conditions and the potential outcome.

Lottie Reeves - Perinatal and Children’s Mental Wellbeing Practitioner

The importance of helping your child uncover their joy

Tuesday 28th March 12:30pm GMT

Lottie believes we are all ok and that nothing needs fixing. She’s a cheerleader for big feelings and an advocate for expressing those feelings rather than bottling them up or trying to fix them. Lottie believes we should all be living a little more in the moment and a lot less in our heads. She supports new mums on their journey to motherhood, children with acknowledging and processing their feelings and parents with how to support their children. 

Lidia Molina - ParenTeen CIC

What you need to know about teen suicide

Tuesday 28th March 2:00pm GMT

Lidia Molina is a Parent Coach and NLP Practitioner mum to 2 ASD teenagers. She is the face and CEO of ParenTeen CIC and the founder of the NO Drama ParenTeen Method which focuses on helping parents to reconnect with their teens and build great relationships. She helps parents with suicidal challenging teenagers to save their lives and rebuild their relationships without shouting, arguing and disrespect by using her NO Drama ParenTeen Method. Her programs are based on Life Coaching, NLP, NVR (None Violence Resistant), ASIST first aid suicide interventions and neuroscience for parents. This arms parents with bulletproof tools to grow in confidence and reconnect with their teens building great relationships that can save lives.


Emily Nuttall - Beat Eating Disorders Ambassador

Creative Connections to Motivate and Manage the Mind

Wednesday 29th March 9:30am GMT

Emily was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 1, lost the sight in her left eye at the age of 11, diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 16 and spondylolithesis at the age of 25 and is an inspirational woman who has overcome adversity. From the age of 12 Emily has struggled with anxiety, autism, PTSD, depression, self-harm, suicide anorexia and is a domestic violence and emotional abuse survivor, has overcome homelessness and family breakdowns and was a previous young carer.

Emily is a motivational disability, children, young people, families and homelessness campaigner and advisor with Action for Children. Emily is also an incredible mental health and eating disorder campaigner, champion and speaker, disability sports coach with Guernsey Mobility Let’s Go, MOE foundation coach, an entrepreneur and inspirational co-author for the books It’s Ok to Not Be Ok Book, Inspirational Women of the World Book, Time to Talk Mental Health Poetry Book, The Children’s Mental Health Wellbeing Handbook, Navigating anxiety with children and teens, Hold on to Hope Book and currently writing her own book. Emily is an active fundraiser, campaigner, speaker and media volunteer for Beat the UK eating disorders charity, A Health connections community connector and advisor, Mind media volunteer and Action for Children ambassador.

Emily is currently embarking on here counselling skills level 2 to become a future counsellor, building and developing her Motivate the Mind Business and completing her sports coaching and disability studies, has a background of studies in Health and Social care and previous employment with children and young people through the Guernsey Youth Commission. Emily is a trained Adult and Youth Mental Health first Aider and has completed domestic violence awareness training. Emily is all about empowering people and inspiring long lasting change.

Jo Picken and Rachel Stacy McKay: Directors of Edu Calm Ltd

The Teen Girls who wear a mask to Survive Socially!

Wednesday 29th March 11:00am GMT

Edu Calm are a private company that specialises in providing mental health support for young people, educating parents on how to best support their child and training teachers and support staff on how to approach mental health in educational settings. Their mission is to improve the overall mental well-being of students, teachers, and parents by providing resources and support to help them navigate the challenges of mental health in education. 


At Edu Calm, they understand that mental health is an important part of overall well-being and strive to create a safe and supportive environment for all individuals. Edu Calm was founded by Rachel Stacey-McKay and Jo Picken, both qualified teachers, SEN mums and mental health professionals who are trained and experienced in working with young people and the education system.

Becky Wake

Connect with Becky

Becky Wake - Holistic Therapist

A calm way to empower parents and caregivers

Wednesday 29th March 12:30pm GMT

I support your well-being transformation using gentle therapy techniques and calming meditation. Allowing you to feel your emotions free from overwhelm to live the life you deserve.

Emma Starling - Inner Smile Coach

Staying Calm For Your Children

Wednesday 29th March 2:00pm GMT

Emma is a Master Trainer in Emotional Freedom Technique and an expert in stress, anxiety and nervous system Regulation. She helps people to feel better naturally, no matter what is going on around them so they can find resilience in adversity.


Jade Mona Doig - Confidence Coach

Be the role model

Thursday 30th March 9:30am GMT

Jade helps to break free of the cycle that is holding you back, helping to grow their confidence and self belief so they feel energised to take the action needed to start living the life they deserve.

Becky Farrar - Dance Teacher, Child Coach

Making friends with fear

Thursday 30th March 11:00am GMT

Becky has been a dance teacher for almost 20 years and making a difference/positive impact on children has always made her heart sing. She’s a firm believer that if we equip children with certain tools such as a growth mindset approach to things they will be able to navigate their way in the world easier. She is a qualified life coach and has a child psychology diploma as well as children’s mental health first aid training. Becky’s business is very new in terms of coaching and it’s currently under construction but the main aim is to inspire and support young people to be the best they can be.

Joanne Carter-Fulton - Coach and Mentor for Children and Young Adults

Tackling anxiety, stress and overwhelm in Teens

Thursday 30th March 12:30pm GMT

The Student Mindset Academy was founded as a result of working in education for nearly 30 years; seeing young people from Year R to University struggling with their emotional well-being; from supporting parents to help their children when not knowing where to go or who to turn to; from being a mum of 3 who has had their own anxiety and confidence struggles. The Student Mindset Academy now supports many children, teens and students both with their learning and their emotional well-being by sharing and teaching practical strategies they can use on a daily basis to help them regain their confidence and positive outlook whilst learning how to cope with overwhelm.

Cassie Swift - Founder of CMHM Summit; Eating Disorder and Self Harm Specialist

Final Wrap-up of the Summit

Thursday 30th March 2:00pm GMT

Cassie is a single Mummy to three young, beautiful, caring and mischievous girls. She is also a Children’s and teens life coach, children’s mental health advocate and the founder and organiser of the Children’s Mental Health Matters Summit. As a child herself, Cassie experienced bullying throughout her entire school life and due to this, she obviously didn’t enjoy school. Cassie wishes that there had been a Children’s Life Coach available for her to have turned to, because as a result, over the years her mental health deteriorated. This is not something anyone would wish for a child and no child deserves to feel this way or experience what she went through.


“Helping others, especially children, is my passion. As a Children’s Life Coach I want to provide support to as many children as I possibly can! My aim is to help children become leaders of their own lives and to embrace both their uniqueness and differences, and to never let them get lost or suppressed. All children deserve to be happy and have a love for life.”

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